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At your event it is my goal to play all of the music that you and your guests enjoy, whether we're talking about the best dance music of all time at a wedding or the latest Billboard chart-toppers at a Sweet 16 Birthday Party. I prepare for this by constantly researching music trends & history and adding music I may be asked to play to my repertoire. Additionally I always attempt to get as much information as possible from you, the client, in regards to what you enjoy. If by chance I am not well versed in those artists and styles, I spend time preparing so that I will be ready to entertain you. So the bottom line is...

Do I have your favorite music? Yes. Either I already have it in my library or I will add it and have it on standby. You just have to tell me what you like!

  • Birthday Party
    Want to make your next birthday party extraordinary? How about throwing a party with your own professional DJ! Music, dancing, karaoke. I can provide everything you need to make it awesome and fun.

  • Coorporate Party
    Whether it's a Holiday Party, Company Picnic, or a Year End Celebration...your employees and associates have worked hard and deserve to celebrate! Be sure to choose an entertainment company that reflects the professionalism and commitment to excellence that you have.

  • Holiday Bash
    A Christmas Party, New Year's Party, or other holiday get-together is a great place to hire a DJ. Make your affair elegant and illustrious. Holiday music, dancing, dinner. How about Christmas Karaoke? If you want it, I can do it.

  • Themed Dance Party
    You can plan a lot of fun parties around a certain theme or style of music. How about a Fifties Sock Hop with lots of Swing Music and 50's Rock & Roll? Or a party themed around your favorite era's music like Eighties, Disco, Classic Rock, Reggae, Latin/Salsa/Meringue, Hip-hop, R&B, or anything else you can think of.

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